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Square&Rectangle Banquet Table

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NEO-B002 Square&Rectangle Banquet Table

Technical Specifications and Descriptions

*Made of 18 mm Melamin-Surface
Customizable color. 

*Folding Legs
Pull the leg until you hear it click. Provided the ball slides into socket, the table will not folded unless you do otherwise.

*Special electrostatic powder-coated.
Customizable Color.

There are plastic wedges under the table top frames. When the tables are stacked, these wedges keep tables scratch-free.

*T Edge Banding
T band surrounding table top is more useful and long-lasting than PVC and aluminum band. Provides greater protection against impacts. Soft touch aluminum band crushes from impacts. PVC band cannot prevent table tops from damages. Also, in the event of problems caused by misuse, T band can be easily replaced. On the other hand, to replace PVC and aluminum bands, table must be moved to production area.

*Padded Table Tops
There is a square shape twist-frame under the table top. It prevents table from bending and extends lifespan. Profile is lighter than the material and does not cause additional weight.

* Floor Adjustable Footings
There are footings under the legs against potential floor defects. You can adjust these footings when that’s necessary. 

NEO-B002 Square&Rectangle Banquet Table

80x80 cm
90x90 cm
45x140 cm
50x140 cm
45x180 cm
50x180 cm
45x200 cm
50x200 cm
70x200 cm
70x100 cm
80x100 cm
60x140 cm
70x140 cm
80x140 cm
90x140 cm
60x160 cm
70x160 cm
80x160 cm
90x160 cm
60x180 cm
70x180 cm
80x180 cm
90x180 cm

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