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Teak Sunloungers

Teak sunlounger provides natural space for those that prefer wood warmth. Plus, it is weather-proof and rugged. These sunloungers are custom production just like all the other outdoor wooden products. You can design Teak sunloungers as you prefer. Caster, sided-serving tray and arms can be added. Finish types can be chosen. Width and length are adjustable. You can order sunlounger pad from acrylic and poliester fabric chart.
Click on the picture for details about acrylic fabric.

Sunbrella Kumaş

NEO-TS010 Teak Sunlounger
NEO-TS010 Teak Sunlounger Backrest Position

NEO-TS010 Teak Sunlounger
NEO-TS010 Teak Sunlounger Flat Position and Leg Details

NEO-TS011 Teak Sunlounger Backrest Position
NEO-TS011 Teak Sunlounger Backrest Position


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